Providing VoIP, Phone Systems & Services to Businesses in Bournemouth

We are leading providers of telephone services and hosted VoIP systems to offices and businesses in Bournemouth and the Southeast of England. We specialise in providing telecoms services to small, medium and growing businesses who need a company they can trust and rely on to provide the most suitable service for their needs.

Hosted VoIP Systems & Telecoms Services

Businesses in Bournemouth and the surrounding area have benefitted from our services, including telecoms repairs and maintenance, VoIp phone systems and even music and messages on hold. You can see an overview of our services below, click on a heading to be taken to the relevant pages for more information. Don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01252 241000 or use our enquiry form if you have any questions or need some advice. Finally, be sure to check out our award winning VoIP system offer, it’s too good to miss!

Hosted VoIP Systems

Voice over internet protocol AKA VoIP, is becoming the preferred telecoms solution for businesses and offices these days. Since BT announced that ISDN will cease to exist from 2025 beginning with a withdrawal of availability in 2020, investment in these systems has skyrocketed. As the name suggests, this phone system uses the internet for connectivity, rather than traditional phone lines. Similar in many ways to a traditional phone system but with many more features, we are proud to offer what we believe is the best the market has to offer.

Traditional Telephone Systems

We have been certified suppliers of Avaya products for a long time. Avaya IP Office is considered by many as one of the best on site telephone systems, with its reasonable price point matched with it’s great feature set and functionality, as well as the wide range of different handsets compatible with the system. Since the revelation of the ISDN switch off in 2025, attention has moved quickly on to the previously mentioned VoIP telephone system above.


We are also providers of business internet, ranging from standard broadband connectivity up to ultra fast fibre connections. We know that many businesses rely almost entirely on having a fast and reliable internet connection which is why we offer 24/7 technical support and a 4 hour engineering response in the unlikely event of hardware failure.

Telephone System Maintenance

Intouch communications offer comprehensive repairs and maintenance services with a fleet of fully trained telecoms engineers with excellent product knowledge and plenty of spares and replacement equipment on board. Best of all, we are able to reach 97% of customers within an hour! Check out the dedicated telephone system maintenance page by clicking on the heading to find out more.

Business Telephone Lines

Depending on the number of users and your specific requirements, we can offer you a variety of business telephone lines at wholesale prices. Telephone line types can be quite confusing for some so please read the page carefully and also take a look at our blog Business Telephone Lines – A Guide for Business Owners for some great information.

On Hold Marketing

We have music and marketing on hold available to give your business telephone system the professional edge. Choose from a variety of styles to suit your company and sample some of the voice talent available to deliver your important messages and marketing on hold on our dedicated, interactive page.

Great Customer Service in Bournemouth and Beyond

It doesn’t matter if your office in Bournemouth needs our hosted VoIP services or your traditional business phone system setup just needs some maintenance and TLC in Oxford. Wherever you are in the Southeast, we are here to help your business thrive. Our dedication to great customer service is second to none and this dedication is the main reason we have become so successful over the years.

Contact Us Today!

If you have any questions or need some help finding the right service for you, our dedicated team are here to help. With great product knowledge on all our VoIP systems and our host of telecoms services, you’ll be in great hands. Give us a call today on 01252 241000 or fill in our enquiry form and we’ll be Intouch!