Business Telephone Systems

It's not just the world of mobile phones that has seen massive advances over the last few years. There have been many developments and innovations within traditional telephony and business telephone services have come a long way with these advances. Many of your competitors are likely to be taking advantage of them already, perhaps it's time you did too?

Whether looking at telephone systems for small businesses or larger organisations, Intouch Communications has the solution for you.

Avaya IP Office

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These days, some business phone services are capable of far more than simple call handling. With Avaya IP Office, rather than getting just a run of the mill office telephone system, you are getting a complete, versatile communications solution. Avaya recognises that every company is different, as are their requirements. IP office is a telephony solution which caters from as little as two users right through to 384 users per server. Should you require it, more servers can be added with ease. Avaya have created one of the most powerful telephone systems for business, with an easily navigable system that ticks all the boxes for any company looking for a responsive, flexible and easily scalable solution incorporating mobility, voice, video, collaboration and much more.

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Avaya Business Telephone Handsets

business telephone handsets

Whether part of a small office telephone system or a vast network, Avaya have an extensive range of business telephone handsets and conference call phones to suit every user need imaginable. The menus are easy to navigate and the handsets intuitive to use. There are multiple options within our selection of desktop, wireless and tabletop conferencing phones.

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Business Telephone System Features

Telephone systems for business need to be powerful yet simple to use. Voice mail, call transfers and call forwarding are three of the most recognisable features widely used within business telephony. There is however a huge array of features available to you with our business phone systems, some of which you may not have considered.

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