Avaya 1608 Handsets - The 1600 Series of IP Phones

Avaya 1608 handsets are the most in demand handsets of the 1600 series, which are a very popular range of business telephones. The 1600 series of desk phones have been designed specially to cater to basic communication demands, keeping the same high standard of quality as other Avaya handsets but in a low cost and easily accessible package. Designed to operate with the Avaya IP Office and Avaya Aura platforms, the combination of modern IP telephony with traditional desk phone functions deliver a feature set which you would usually find in more expensive units. The whole range of Avaya 1600 series desk phones all come with built in full duplex speakerphones and easy to view white backlit displays. They also benefit from dual red/green LED buttons which allow users to ascertain status information quickly and easily and depending on which model you opt for they support 3, 8 or 16 line appearances/feature keys.

avaya 1603 handset

Avaya 1603 Handset

The Avaya 1603 handset is the entry level IP phone in the Avaya 1600 series. Suitable for offices and places requiring basic phone needs, servicing lower call volumes and ‘walk up’ locations such as lobbies and waiting rooms. This handset features a 2 row backlit display and 3 line appearances/function keys which you can program for any function you choose. For a full list of features and functions, take a look at the PDF.

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avaya 1600 series

Avaya 1608 Handset

The Avaya 1608 handset is the most popular of the Avaya 1600 series and is suitable for busier offices and call center applications. This particular model of IP phone is similar to the 1603 handset above, but features a slightly larger 3 row backlit display and you get 8 line appearance/function keys rather than the 3 that the 1603 provides. To see the full list of features and functions you can view the Avaya 1608 handset PDF below.

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avaya 1616 handset

Avaya 1616 Handset

The Avaya 1616 handset is the top model of the Avaya 1600 series and is suited to users with high call volumes, such as receptionists and also managers who need to keep an eye on many lines at the same time. The Avaya 1616 handset features an adjustable 4 row backlit display and a massive 16 line appearance/function keys giving maximum control and visibility. You can view the full list of functions and features in the PDF provided.

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