Avaya Desk Phones

We supply four different series of Avaya desk phones each with it’s own varieties, targeted at various levels of business use. With varying functionality and feature sets, you can be sure we’ll provide you with exactly the solution your business needs. You can find more details as well as downloadable product information on the following pages.

avaya phone handsets

9600 Series Avaya Desk Phones

This Customisable series of Avaya phone handsets boasts excellent audio quality and high performance despite its low power consumption. These desk phones use large touchscreens to navigate their context sensitive GUI’s (graphical user interface). This offers increased control and functionality combined with simplicity of use, allowing for an excellent user experience whilst boosting productivity.

9600 Avaya desk phones
avaya 1600 series

1600 Series Avaya Desk Phones

The 1600 Series of Avaya phone handsets are an ideal telecommunication solution for businesses with more basic needs. Offering the functions used most frequently in branch offices, call centers and other similar business set-ups at an affordable price. These desk phones work with the Avaya Aura® and Avaya IP Office™ Platform and can be used alongside other avaya handsets, ensuring each user has the required functionality.

1600 Avaya Desk Phones
avaya 9500 series

9500 Series Avaya Desk Phones

The 9500 Series of Avaya phone handsets can be utilised in mixed VoIP and digital telephony environments. Their robust design delivers a reliable, high quality service in a variety of setups. Small and medium sized companies take advantage of the 9500 series to add digital endpoints to their telecoms setup, providing them with excellent service and a very satisfying user experience.

9500 Avaya Desk Phones
avaya 1400 series

1400 Series Avaya Desk Phones

The 1400 series of Avaya phone handsets have been designed to service the requirements of a broad spectrum of business users. Their contemporary design will feel at home wherever it’s put to work helping you to meet your business’s telephony needs. These phones make use of great productivity enhancing features and utilise advanced audio technology.

1400 Avaya Desk Phones

If you’re looking for user guides and more technical information, please see our support page. If you’d like some help choosing a suitable phone or you have any other queries, don’t hesitate to contact us using the enquiry form below or give us a call on 01252 241000 today!