Avaya Wireless VoIP Phones

Avaya wireless VoIP phones allow employees to be away from their desks and even away from the office entirely while still being able to take advantage of features traditionally only available to bulkier, fixed base telephone systems. Avaya’s range of wireless IP phones include both IP and DECT phone models with a variety of styles and features specially developed to cover a broad spectrum of user requirements. These units allow you to introduce the power and productivity enhancing features of IP telephone technology to your wireless local area network, all while keeping mobile and on the move. Features such as the ability to put calls on hold, dial from and search within corporate directories, make call transfers, conference in other colleagues or third parties and more - features which help to enhance user productivity, free from the confinement of the office. This range of Avaya wireless VoIP phones integrate with other Avaya IP telephone system solutions creating a seamless mobile link, indispensable to users on the move.

All models have a great battery life and are built ergonomically in design. As with all Avaya products they are easy to use and operate to a high standard of excellence in terms of features and sound. Discover the range we offer below - the pages within contain more detailed information in PDF format, free for you to view and download.

DECT phone

3700 Series Avaya Wireless VoIP Phones

Avaya wireless VoIP phones in the 3700 Series are DECT phones (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephony phones) that provide high quality wireless telephone communications in any location. The technology means that noise interference is virtually eliminated, and greatly reduced in extreme conditions where interference is unusually high. This series of wireless IP phones have both IP DECT and ISDN DECT network compatibility. Click explore to take a look at the range of 3700 Series Avaya Wireless VoIP Phones.

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Avaya Wireless VoIP Phones For IP Office

The Avaya D160 wireless DECT phone is a specially designed model for use with Avaya IP Office, to act as a wireless end point for the system. Click on the explore button below to find out more about the D160 wireless DECT phone and how it can serve your business.


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