Avaya IP Office

At Intouch Communications we offer highly effective business communication solutions at an affordable price. We are a certified, leading supplier of AVAYA IP Office phones and systems. We are able to provide your business with vital network and communication support, helping you to connect and grow. Our partnership with AVAYA makes it much easier for you to access industry leading communication and collaborative solutions for your business.

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Cutting Edge Office Telephone Systems

AVAYA is a leading brand that provides top quality communication and collaborative support across a broad spectrum of industries and sectors. Ranging from unified communications and networking to real-time video interaction contact centre support, AVAYA provides a wide range of products and solutions to meet extensive business needs. Although their products and solutions can be scaled to fit the requirements of any size of business, most of its communication solutions are targeted at facilitating small to medium sized companies.

The subject of telephone systems for small business is an important one to consider. With Its scalable products, AVAYA offers optimum flexibility for growth, allowing businesses to easily devise and implement both long-term and short-term IT strategies.

What is AVAYA IP Office?

Put simply, It is the single solution to all of your communication needs. AVAYA IP Office has been specifically designed to support medium and small sized businesses, facilitating communication between businesses, employees and customers. Due to its proven effectiveness, AVAYA IP Office is now recognised as one of the best and most popular business telephone systems available. Using an AVAYA phone system, businesses can enhance their capability to:

  • Overcome communication and networking challenges
  • Streamline information transfer and exchange
  • Communicate effectively with their customers
  • Meet telephony requirements
  • Make the most out of unified communication applications
  • Simplify processes

AVAYA IP Office combines cutting-edge technology with easy management and usage, providing your businesses with a means to grow and compete with large organisations and industry giants. It differentiates you from your competition and helps you in dealing with your customers in the most effective manner.

As a long lasting one-time investment, AVAYA IP Office is flexible and scalable in the true sense. It can be modified to include additional features and meet growing requirements as you expand your business.

Avaya IP Office Installation

We are experienced AVAYA phone system installers certified in supplying AVAYA IP Office to facilitate all of your communication, collaboration and conferencing needs. A stable and high-performing communication solution is important for your business' growth and survival. AVAYA IP Office is a leading solution for ensuring seamless business communication and Intouch Communications offers complete support to make its access convenient and easy for you.

Get in touch with us via our enquiry form or simply call 01252 241000, we'd be delighted to advise you further and answer any questions you may have.