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Beware The Great BT ISDN Switch Off!

BT plan on 'switching off' the ISDN and PSTN networks, retiring them for good. The phasing out will begin sooner than you think - 2020 to be exact. It sounds scary to many, but it's all in the name of progress. Our latest blog explains when, why and what the alternative to these outdated legacy technologies is.

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What's VoIP? PBX? ITSP?? - Telephony Acronyms Made Simple

Acronyms and technical language can be hard to grasp at the best of times, let alone when you're new to a subject. With the Information Technology and Telecommunications industry, things can be especially complicated and confusing. In this blog we uncover the 5 most asked about telephony acronyms and present a brief, uncomplicated explanation for each.

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The Advantages of VoIP explained

There are numerous benefits to using a VoIp based telephone system. When it comes to business telephone systems, the benefits increase exponentially. VoIP has featured heavily in recent telecom news and in this edition of our telecom blog we delve into these benefits, shedding light on one of the fastest developing areas of telecommunications.

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What’s the Best Phone Solution for Small Business?

All companies, especially small businesses and those that are growing, need to find a telephone system which balances budget and functionality without compromising on reliability. In today's telecom blog we discuss the options available as well as the benefits and suitability of each.

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Why choose Avaya IP Office as your business telephone system?

Choosing a telephone system for a business is an important step for many companies, especially those that rely heavily on their telecommunications systems. Avaya are one of the market leaders when it comes to business telephone systems and we’re exploring the benefits and features of the highly acclaimed Avaya IP Office in our latest telecom blog.

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In today's telecom blog we look into ISDN and SIP trunking, what they are and what they accomplish as part of a business telephone system. We also explore the benefits of each, giving you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision for your own business’s telecommunication needs.

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Avaya IP Office Vs Avaya Aura Communications Manager

Confused as to which system to choose? These two fantastic systems have a lot to offer your business. But what is the difference? What are the benefits of each? And most importantly, which is the most suitable option for your company? This edition of our telecom blog helps clear up the confusion.

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